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What makes you different?

TableTop Photos accomplishes the task of high quality images at small-business prices, but doesn't sacrifice quality.  What sets us apart from the rest is that we offer the option of creative styling in addition to technical expertise, giving you the freedom to best express your brand.  Whether the jobs calls for a clean white background or rich moody textures, we listen to you and produce your vision.


How does the process work?

It's basically 4 simple steps: Contact, Ship, Shoot, Upload.  You ship your product to us, and we get started right away. Since our pricing is transparent, we eliminate the concern of a job going way over budget.  We communicate with you during the whole process, so if something changes in the timeline or the job cost you'll know immediately and can chose to approve or pass on those changes.  When we have completed the shoot and the post-production editing, you'll receive high-resolution files that can be immediately downloaded and put to use to help your company grow.


How long does a shoot take?

Generally speaking, we have a 1-week turn around time from the date your products arrive at the studio.  If your shoot involves something more complex, we'll talk with you about a realistic timeframe before we start.  


How do I get my products back?

Your products will be carefully wrapped and shipped back to you via your service of choice, or discarded upon your request if they are samples. Shipping costs will be charged to your CC on file, or we are happy to use your FedEx or UPS business account number if you provide it to us.


How do I pay you?

Payment can be made via credit card when we send your invoice.  We require 50% to begin the project, and the balance at the time of photo delivery.  If your job is less than $150, we ask that the full amount be paid upfront.  We also accept checks, but ask that the balance be paid in full before the start of the shoot.  





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